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Top 5 Medical Careers in Demand

As more and more people are nearing older age, especially the baby boomer generation, there is also an increasing need for more healthcare facilities.  And with this increase in healthcare facilities, there is also a corresponding increase in these top 5 medical careers in demand.

In a survey made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding job growth rate from the years, 2016 to 2026, jobs in the healthcare sector will rise to about 18%. This is approximate of over 2 million new jobs created in the next few years.

If you desire a stable, fulfilling, and rewarding career, employment in the healthcare field is definitely something you should look into.

Here are 5 medical careers in demand today and in the coming years:

1. Registered Nurse

The growth rate for registered nurses is 19% faster than the average.  Registered nurses can work in hospitals, clinics, and even as private nurses for individual clients.  It’s also a great step to a more specialized career, with nurses becoming managers and directors within 10 years of service.

Nurse practitioners need an associate degree, but a bachelor’s degree would also make the pay higher.

It’s an ideal job for individuals who have good social skills and patient interaction is a given with the job.

2. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist works directly with the patient.  They work with patients who are recovering from an accident, a sports injury, a disability, or a limb or joint replacement.  They are directly involved with the patient’s gradual improvement. Seeing them go from unable to walk to running in a few months’ time is more than enough to make this job a highly fulfilling career.

The potential growth rate for physical therapy jobs could increase to 36% by the year 2022.

3. EMTs and Paramedics

EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics are the first responders to emergencies.  They are also involved in transporting patients to hospitals and administer treatments on the spot.

EMTs have been called the unsung heroes of the healthcare industry. Their job entails them to be out on the streets and in the field responding to accidents, acts of violence, and natural disasters.

They work long hours and involve life and death situations on a nearly daily basis.  If you see yourself saving lives everyday then this is the job for you.  The potential growth rate for this job is seen to be 23% faster than the average.

Paramedics saving lives

3. Medical Sonographers and Technologists

We are regularly developing more advanced technologies in laboratories and imaging in the healthcare industry. Therefore, we also see more and more needs for Medical Sonographers and Technologists.

Their job involves using imaging machinery to capture and interpret images that help physicians diagnose and discover the internal problems of patients. The potential growth rate for these jobs is at 39% faster than the average.

5. Patient Care Technicians and Home Health Aides

Seniors who are suffering from chronic conditions would rather live independently at home rather than in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Studies show that living independently helps seniors live longer and help them enjoy a better quality of life.  But because most of them suffer from chronic conditions, they need help in the form of home health aides and patient care technicians. These professions will be in demand in the coming years.  A potential growth rate for the job will see a 40% increase by 2026.

These technicians and aides help these patients take care of themselves, administer medication management, as well as handle their emotional and physical states.

Aside from these top 5 medical careers in demand, a good number of other healthcare jobs will increase in demand in the next few years.

Some of these jobs include dermatologists, with a potential growth rate at 18% more than the average;  radiation therapists, who manage cancer patients, at 9% increase in job growth rate;  as well as occupational therapists at 29% potential growth rate; and physicians and surgeons have a potential job growth rate of 7% by 2026.

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