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The Best Entry-Level Hospital Jobs You Can Start Today

The healthcare industry is quickly expanding. According to estimates, it will offer nearly 2.5 million new jobs by the decade’s end. Although the medical field provides a variety of job opportunities, most people think that hospital job employers always look for quality education along with years of experience. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from finding a career in this profitable sector. Interestingly, it is predicted to add more jobs than any other occupational group!

In fact, you can seek out an array of entry-level hospital jobs that require little to no experience, offer on-the-job learning, and provide room for growth. Thus, we’ll show you some of the best entry-level healthcare jobs that you could apply for right now without a college degree.

1. Certified Nursing Assistant

Regarding entry-level positions that provide elementary patient care, being a CNA is a great way to make a difference. As a CNA, you will tend to the everyday needs of patients. For example, you’ll ensure their safety and comfort, dress or bathe them, deliver food or feed them. Also, you may even transfer patients from their beds to other facilities.

  • Salary: $30,000 per year.
  • Requirements: High school diploma. Additionally, employers may ask for a certificate that takes four to 12 weeks to complete.

2. Medical Secretary

Medical administrative assistants or secretaries are in charge of clerical work. That includes handling patient check-ins, answering phones, compiling adequate medical records, and similar office work. This is one of the least demanding no-experience hospital jobs. Moreover, it’s a good option for anyone who can maintain an office, handle equipment and supplies, and operate basic computer software.

  • Salary: $32,000 per year.
  • Requirements: High school diploma. Moreover, additional certification is optional.

3. Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists work with blood, and they can draw samples, analyze them, and maintain records of tissue or blood samples. Additionally, they may be tasked with ensuring the proper procedures for the disposal of used medical equipment and needles. When working with a physician, you will conduct blood tests and submit the results for diagnosis.

  • Salary: $31,000 per year.
  • Requirements: High school diploma. Additionally, employers may ask for an educational program certification that you can complete in four to eight months.

4. Medical Assistant

This is one of the most basic entry-level hospital jobs for college students and people with high school degrees. The position offers a blend of clinical and administrative work. MAs can work with physicians to attend to patients, prepare them for examinations, draw blood, and monitor vital signs. Additionally, they can schedule appointments and keep track of medical records.

  • Salary: $35,000 per year.
  • Requirements: High school diploma. Additional certification is optional.
entry-level hospital jobs
Medical Assistant is one of the most basic entry-level hospital jobs for college students and people with high school degrees

5. Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work with hospital pharmacists to fill patient prescriptions and prepare medicines. Moreover, they can collect patient data, keep records of medications and their storage, and even create IVs or compound medications for patients.

  • Salary: $36,000 per year.
  • Requirements: High school diploma. Also, employers may ask for additional certification that you can obtain in 15 weeks to six months.

6. Medical Biller

As a medical biller, you could be tasked with dealing with payments and billing. Also, you could be in charge of keeping track of insurance claims in hospitals, private clinics, or similar care facilities. If you’re skilled with records and finances, this is one of the most profitable entry-level hospital administration jobs.

Where to Find Jobs

To find the best entry-level hospital jobs with no experience, it’s best to use hospital job boards like This job posting website offers a broad range of listings as well as a career center that can help you perfect your entry-level hospital job resume. Moreover, hundreds of employers use for posting a hospital job opening. Therefore, it won’t take long until you find the ideal opening and quickly submit an entry-level hospital jobs application. Also, you can use intuitive filters such as “entry-level jobs in a hospital near me” to ease your search.


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