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Nursing Resume Examples and Writing Guide

With so many nursing specializations and other careers in the rapidly-expanding medical field, a strong, coherent, and on-point resume could give you the edge. But where should you start? How can you improve your chances? 

Unfortunately, too many nursing graduates and medical professionals rely on their experience and disregard the proper etiquette of job hunting. Your knowledge will not change that recruiters select candidates based on a job-winning resume. If you are struggling, we’ll show you how to use nursing resume examples and writing guides to speed up your job search.

Why Your Nursing Resume Matters

The nursing field contains diverse subspecialties. That’s why you’ll need to emphasize your responsibilities, certifications, and hard and soft skills on an eye-catching document related to your field.

Successful registered nurse resumes, nurse practitioner resumes, and other nursing CVs are significantly different from those for other professions. Still, the basic principle is the same. Attention-grabbing resumes advertise your skills and experience to land you an interview.

Research and Target

The most straightforward way to begin is to use nursing resume examples. Use them to build a foundational resume. Then, research hospital job postings and adapt your document for each offer. We recommend you research each position and the employers. Then, you can modify your resume accordingly.

Remember — your document will only have a few seconds to impress. So use a targeted resume as opposed to an outdated, vague, or generic one. 

Nursing Resume Examples 

Templates will save you a lot of time and energy. For instance, this certified nurse aide resume example shows you how to correctly list your medical education, experience, nursing credentials, etc. You can quickly download and adapt it to suit your profile. 

Skilled nursing resume and registered nurse resume examples and other guides will give you the correct formatting for your field. That way, you’ll never start with a blank page. 

Refer to this pediatric nurse practitioner resume example for eye-catching headings and successful mission statements. Resume templates also show you how to fit all of your details on one page.

Format, Style, and Mistakes

Nursing employers always look for a traditional reverse-chronological resume written in the third person. You should avoid creativity and pick content over design (e.g., photos). 

Stick to an appropriate format that effectively displays your essential information, certifications, career objectives, and experience with patient care. Here, a modern nursing resume template will help you minimize errors. Nevertheless, always double-check your spelling, contact information, references, and credentials (RN, CNA, etc.).  

Competencies and Certifications

Nurse recruiters will usually first look into your experience section. They also want to see unit- and faculty-specific details. Those are often neglected, but they are vital. That includes faculty designations, accomplishments, patient interactions, and duties. 

A nurse aide resume could list various related competencies. Some include treatment procedures, HIPAA compliance, charting, diagnostics information, etc. This type of resume could also contain your technical skills with equipment, experience with medications, illnesses, therapies, and more. Additionally, you must explain some of the needs that you can cater to. For skilled nurses, that could cover complex wound dressings, tube feedings, injections, health monitoring, etc. 

Regarding summaries, they are different for graduates and experienced nurses. Entry-level candidates should use an objective statement about education and career goals. Conversely, experienced nurses should include a targeted qualifications summary with details on their expertise. 

Where to Find Jobs

You’ll find the broadest range of postings and resources on nursing job boards. Portals like cater to professionals in every nursing field. Plus, they benefit hiring managers because it’s easier to connect with ideal candidates quickly. If you use, you’ll find plenty of postings with accurate and resourceful job descriptions for your nursing field. 

Final Thoughts

Nursing resume examples and guides are highly encouraged. They will facilitate your job search, impress your recruiters, enable you to focus on your cover letter, and eventually land a promising interview. So look at some nursing resume templates and explore some job postings. Good luck!

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