Registered Nurse Unit Manager – National Health Care of Lexington – Columbia, SC

National Health Care of Lexington

National Healthcare of Lexington is looking for Registered Nurse Unit Managers

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Job Summary: 

  1. Have good working knowledge of all residents under direct care.
    • Participate in identifying patient and family needs or problems.
    • Monitor and document physiologic condition of the residents
  2. Ensure complete admission assessments, interim care plans. Coordinate and communicate the care of the resident to staff taking care of the patient and ensure all new residents have complete and accurate orders transcribed.
  3. Audit new admit charts within 24 hours of admission.
  4. Repeat body audit within 24 hours of admission.
  5. Attend meetings with families; review the plan of care and concerns as requested.
  6. Communicate conditions of patient with other departments. Ensure that any recommendations made during these risk assessments are carried through to actual care of patient.
  7. Ensure that care plans are updated continually.
    • Communicate and ensure patient care all staff follow plan.
    • Solicit family input to the care plan of the patient
    • Attend interdisciplinary care plan meetings for each patient, as requested.
    • Coordinate problem solving sessions with staff based on these care plan meetings i.e. help to resolve complaints made by residents and/or family members.
  8. Attend morning report daily to discuss the residents on respective unit.
  9. Attend weekly Medicare/Utilization Review Committees. Responsible to update this committee on the progress of the resident medically. Communicate results of meeting to unit staff (i.e. RN, LPN, CNAs, etc.).
  10. Attend monthly QA Meeting and complete reports related to quality assurance.
  11. Attend weekly 5 Star Meetings and ensure that recommendations are carried out to the actual care of the patient.
  12. Assign duties to LPNs and CNAs.
    • Ensue duties assigned are completed using appropriate standards of care
    • Monitor call lights to ensure they are answered timely
    • Monitor and maintain cleanliness of Med Room, Med cars, Supply rooms and Biohazard rooms.
    • Ensure monthly, weekly and daily weights, as appropriate, are recorded accurately in the record of each resident.
    • Ensure monitoring is being done for each patient, including accurate meal intake, elimination, fluid intake and that supplemental feedings are being given as ordered.
    • Update and maintain accurate CNA Assignment Sheets daily.
    • Ensure accurate communication of resident care needs to staff, including ancillary departments.
  13. Assume responsibility for safe administration of medications and treatments.
    • Ensure that MARs and treatment sheets are completed accurately without blanks.
  14. Supervise and evaluate work performance of staff that are responsible for the care of the residents. Complete Performance Evaluations as assigned.
  15. Coordinate nursing activities with the activities of other departments and agencies.
  16. Supervise the maintenance of patient records, keeping them complete and accurate, according to NHC policies, HCFA regulations and Medicare/Medicaid time frames.
  17. Make frequent rounds to ensure that nursing care is provided according to established standards, NHC policies and state law; personally check residents in whom a change in condition has been reported; and report any changes in a patient’s conditions to supervisor, physician and responsible party and document.
  18. Participate in orientation and assist with training of all nursing staff.
    • Educate LPNs and CNAs on proper documentation principles, according to NHC standards
    • Educate LPNs and CNAs on proper Policy and Procedures.
  19. Assist physician during rounds:
    • Work with a physician as a problem solver/seeker.
    • Prepare MD list and check for accuracy
    • Prepare charts and attach needed additional information (eg FSBS, labs, etc.)
    • Ensure accurate transcription of all MD orders
    • Ensure timely RP notifications of all MD visits, new orders, accidents or injuries.
  20. Serve as a positive management role model in providing guidance to nursing staff. Serve as management coach and resource.
    • Expected to be a problem solver/seeker.
    • Positive attitude is expected at all times.
  21. Thorough understanding and compliance with the Patient’s Rights for assigned residents to attain the highest level of self-care possible.
  22. Model, train, coach and insist upon positive employee relations practices to be used by supervisor??, in accordance with personnel policy, amendments and supervisory training handbooks.
  23. Review and confer with supervisors on recommendations concerning hiring, retention, promotions, transfers, layoffs, recalls to work, pay increases and termination.
    • Monitor and address absenteeism and tardiness with staff. Issue supervisory action as indicated.
  24. Assume on call status to ensure appropriate staffing of the facility on a schedule worked out with Directory of Nursing.
  25. Relieve other shifts, if needed.
  26. Manage and monitor staff behaviors to ensure employees are treated with dignity and respect in the course of receiving firm. fair and consistent leadership. Ensure Stand-ups/Better Way conducted on all shifts.
  27. Deal effectively with families and community in order to provide positive image to the public.
  28. Display a warm and friendly attitude toward visitors, making them feel welcome and comfortable (readily greeting and directing them as needed).
  29. Thorough knowledge of the center’s fire, safety and disaster procedures.
  30. Thorough knowledge of the center’s Medicare and Medicaid guidelines
  31. Thorough knowledge of client and corporate policies and procedures.
  32. Working knowledge of CPCS system (Admission Assessments, Incident Reporting)
  33. Knowledge of the center’s infection control policies and procedures.
    • Monthly surveillance of residents with infections and precautions taken to prevent the spread of the infection to other residents.
    • Recommend and educate staff on appropriate procedures to use when a patient has an infection.
    • Monitor staff to ensure they use standard precautions during care of all residents on the unit
  34. Ensure that Stat Box is accurately maintained. (e.g. medications listed on pharmacy list match what is in the box.)
  35. Manage Skin Care Management per NHC Standards.
  36. Ensure communication with the physician and other departments once a week regarding progress of wounds.
    • Recommend changes in treatments if no progress noted in 2 weeks and obtain appropriate orders.
    • Ensure general skin audits are completed weekly with appropriate care changes made based on these assessments.
    • Ensure completeness of report to the Director of Nursing by the end of each week
    • Monitor completion of Monthly Summaries.
  37. Ensure medications are reordered in a timely manner to provide timely availability to residents
  38. Maintain a thorough knowledge of all pharmacy regulations, especially as relates to controlled substance acquisition and refills.
  39. Monitor the timely performance of all diagnostic studies, including labs (PT /IN R), CBC, U/ A, etc.)
  40. Log all resulted labs into the lab book. Investigate and obtain any missing lab results. Report any lab problems to ADON or DON promptly. Be knowledgeable and competent to retrieve labs from the lab computer site.


  1. RN License in good standing in this state

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer 

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