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How to Write a Job Description that Will Captivate Ideal Candidates

Knowing how to write a job description is your chance to sell your job opportunity to passive and hard-to-find candidates. Therefore, we encourage healthcare organizations to follow the guidelines for creating inviting job descriptions that will captivate ideal medical candidates. Most importantly, a captivating hospital job opportunity will attract the right candidates.

Guidelines on How To Write a Job Description:

  1. Be clear and concise about the position details. Secondly, try to avoid generic job descriptions. For example, describing day to day tasks, the number of employees in the department, supervisory structure, etc.
  2. List clearly all degrees, certifications, and skills needed for the position.
  3. State the desired years of experience.
  4. Keep from using long paragraphs; bullets and lists are much easier and faster to read.
  5. Post detailed salary information, including any sign-on bonuses or moving allowances.
  6. Emphasize what makes your organization an interesting and noteworthy place to work.
  7. A sentence or two about the community and region is helpful to candidates considering relocation. Tell them all of the good things and why they should consider moving to your area!

What is more, as a healthcare employer, you can improve your chances of hiring qualified healthcare applicants. Further, ensure that your hospital or healthcare organization profile stands out to medical job seekers.


Medical Employer in his office
Medical employer profile is important when writing job descriptions. Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

What to Include in Your Employer Profile:

For instance, below are steps to creating a medical employer profile that will get candidates excited about working for you:

  1. Value – What does your healthcare organization or medical facility stand for?
  2. Perks – What unique things does your organization offer to all employees?
  3. Awards and Recognition – List accreditations and accolades.
  4. History and growth – Are you established? Up-and-coming?  Part of a larger healthcare organization?
  5. Specialty – What makes your organization stand out from others?

Finally, a distinctive employer profile, along with specific and detailed job descriptions, will help bring in qualified healthcare candidates!

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