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How to Love Your Hospital Job During the Holidays

The holiday season for hospital workers and patients has arrived once again. Spending the holidays at the hospital can be a magical time with colorful lights outside, festive in-hospital Christmas parties and gift exchange; it also can trigger feelings of grief, loneliness or generalized depression.

This is not uncommon as doctors, nurses and other medical workers cannot pause their hospital job. They don’t get a break as their patients still need their attention. The patients can also, think of a million better ways to spend their holidays, rather than spending the holidays at the hospital.

This year, try our three-step remedy to explore your greatest talents and passions and use them to create community and philanthropy among your hospital coworkers and other patients as a great way to enliven the holidays.

Let the holidays at the hospital begin!

A little self-exploration is a great way to gain powerful insights, and will naturally inspire you to engage and give. Begin by taking an inventory of all the things you love to do while you’re at your job at the hospital. Take a moment to sit down at a table during your lunch break with a piece of paper, a pen and a cup of coffee or tea. Before you start – sit back, forget about the chaos around you, close your eyes and settle your mind.

Allow yourself to imagine a perfect day at the hospital.

You are working your favorite shift at the hospital, and all your chores include everything you love about your medical job. In fact, you have four hours to do whatever you want.  Ask yourself, What would I most want to do with this glorious day at work?” And then wait while various alternatives float to your mind. Write them down.

For some, the answer is as simple as taking a nap or reading a book in the break room. Others come up with checking on their patients, taking a walk outside, doing research on something they are interested in. For others, it is thinking of ways to make Christmas holidays enjoyable for the patients.

The answers you come up with are important, and often require little to no money. These ideas reflect the areas of life that give you the most comfort and joy at your daily medical career routine. This is important and can be a foundation of how to expand those things you love into a tool for engaging with others.

If doing something for the hospital patients was the top of your list- that is a powerful clue.

  • Explore: how can you expand your love of your patient’s wellbeing into something bigger?
  • Engage: deepen your skills by taking a medical career class. Not only will this sharpen your tech skills, but also introduce you to others who share the same passions.
  • Give: now, use your care for patients to make small gifts (ornaments, cards, toys) and give them away during the holidays.
Presents for Hospital Patients
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

The experience of loneliness is one of the most powerful signals from our bodies to act. There is a big difference between loneliness and depression, although they are often diagnosed as one. Feeling lonely during the holidays at the hospital is simply information- time to get out! Try this three-step remedy and see what happens.

Explore your passion more deeply, engage with others who share your interests and then give away our time, talents or gifts to others.

Children do this naturally. They may make potholders, paint pictures or cut out paper snowflakes and then happily give them away without another thought. ‘Tis the season of sharing, caring and reciprocating even in hospitals. Come on in and join the fun spending the holidays at the hospital!  What are some of your passions and interests that you have turned into tools to create community and philanthropy at your hospital?


This article was originally published on Silvernest by Silvernest Team on Nov 28, 2016.

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