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How to Implement Innovative Healthcare Recruitment – Top 6 Tips

For healthcare recruitment, finding the right candidates seem to be an easy job at face value.  However, as more and more students are choosing self-serving careers over professions that are dedicated to the care of others, the competition to find the best and most talented candidates may be more of a challenge.

Secondly, it comes as no surprise that healthcare providers in the US are dwindling.  In a study conducted sometime in early 2019, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) revealed that the US will face critical shortages of clinical providers by the year 2032.

In addition, in a separate study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is projected that healthcare occupations will grow by 18% by 2026. This data shows that the need for healthcare providers is growing much faster than the average occupation – a whopping 2.3 new job opportunities are seen to occur within the next few years.

So what are healthcare recruiters to do?  Do they stick to their current means of sourcing talent?  Or should they employ better strategies to attract the best clinical graduates to their company?

Here, we provide you with 6 tips on improving your healthcare recruitment process, so the best candidates come flocking to your doors:

1. Improve Company Branding

Job seekers today take their time to know about employers before they decide to send in an application.  Make sure your company branding is positive, such as having good employee reviews, having a positive company culture and benefits, as well as having a good reputation in the industry.  The more sought after your company is, the more job seekers you attract.

2. Offer Better Compensation and Benefits

This is one of the best ways you can attract top talent.  Better pay equals better employees. But if you can’t increase the salary you’re offering, you can improve your employee benefits, instead.

Some of these benefits could include:

  • relocation assistance

  • flexible work schedules

  • paid travel allowance

  • longer maternity/paternity leave

  • free medical/dental insurance

  • college debt assistance

  • higher education assistance

3. Partner with Schools

In terms of recruiting for the long haul or long-term, partnering with schools, universities, and colleges can help you source candidates who may be considering a career in the healthcare industry or are already pursuing their medical education.

What is more, look for opportunities to join job fairs in college campuses or speaking opportunities, and offer internships at your hospital or medical institution.  Internships help students prepare for their professional careers in healthcare and promote a sense of loyalty to your company once they graduate.

4. Use Technology

About 78% of millennials today search for job options on their mobile devices.  Create a presence in your social media accounts and stay active. The more you post, the more searchable you are.

You can also use talent acquisition technology, such as apps and mobile-friendly hospital job search platforms.  And most of all, make the application process simple, fast, and consistent. If a potential candidate wants to send a CV, make sure you provide the proper channels for them to be able to reach you directly.

5. Use Healthcare Job Boards

There are many job boards online that call for applicants and post thousands of jobs for job seekers to find.  However, most job boards carry large numbers of industries that it can be difficult to focus on one specific population of job seekers.

Job boards like accept job posts regarding healthcare job opportunities, from management to staffing, to nurses, and physician job openings. is one of the most trusted platforms today and they are an outstanding resource for healthcare professional recruitment.

Healthcare Job Posting Platform
Find the right candidates to fill the open position in your health organization.

6.  Hire Within Your Company

Hiring from within allows you to fill in job opportunities with people who already know the company culture.  It also creates a positive culture environment, where your employees are being rewarded for their efforts.


The competition for talented healthcare providers such as nurses, physicians, physical therapists, and the like is complex.  Lastly, your company’s recruitment team must develop innovative recruiting strategies to attract the most qualified candidates in the market.

To secure job opportunities will be filled, companies must think long term, start early, and stay ahead of the competition so your hospital, clinic, or private practice is able to provide the best healthcare services that you can offer.

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