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How To Create Better Hospital Job Advertisements for Job Seekers

Sometimes, you post an ad for a healthcare provider, and you get a large amount of applicants, but none of them are your great candidate.

Some jobs are hard to fill! If you end up hiring a so-so candidate that doesn’t exactly have everything you are looking for, the hire might not be successful. The worst case scenario is that you could spend thousands of dollars to train that candidate who won’t ever really fit into your position.

How do you create and post an ad for a nursing job in a way that positions you to have multiple excellent candidates from which to choose?

Posting an ad for hospital personnel shouldn’t be that hard, but employers are finding it difficult.  What used to work ten or fifteen years ago just doesn’t work currently.

Tips for hospital job posting

Here are some tips to use when posting current hospital jobs on your favorite job board:

  • Target your outreach, as you don’t want every unemployed tech in the state to apply for your position. You want to choose from a smaller pool of highly qualified candidates. So no more posting on Craigslist or other free job boards. Look for candidates who are already interested in and learning about your specialty and community. If you need employees for healthcare, for example, post your position with a job board that promotes healthcare jobs.

  • Write an ad that specifically describes the position for which you are hiring. Sometimes, HR staff have only a general idea of the position but haven’t spent time in the position. The job posting could have very little information on what the position truly entails. Enlist the help of the unit manager and charge nurse and ask for their input – what are the responsibilities for this position and what skills are needed to do this job?  Also, listing reporting structure and a general salary range are details that will target an appropriate audience.

  • Ask for what you want. Does the position require three years of experience, or does it require someone with proven management skills? Don’t assume certain skill sets come with experience, and don’t assume a lack of experience in the same field means the candidate won’t have the necessary skills to succeed. Granted, some certifications or skills are mandatory, but carefully evaluate exactly which of those the candidate must have in order to do the job.

What are you offering

  • Describe your organization in detail.  Differentiate why it’s an incredible place to work. Why should the best nurses want to work here? The best nurse for the job may already be employed elsewhere, but an appealing ad that centers on the features that make your facility an excellent place to work may well make him or her consider a switch. Do you offer competitive salaries, sign on bonuses, moving or relocation compensation, or other attributes? List unique selling points of the position, organization, and community that may set your position apart from other job postings.

  • Make your opportunity unique.  Try to incorporate something about the position that is exciting and challenging. Passive candidates could be attracted to being part of an organization that is doing something new or innovative. If you have a new facility, revamped program, technological investment, or pilot project, make sure you give details.  Candidates will be drawn to apply for an opportunity to take part.

  • Proof read your posting. Typos, mistakes in grammar, spelling, and careless writing will make the most professional applicants look elsewhere. Pay attention to the details. In addition, adding your anti-discrimination policy with regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin or nationality, or physical or mental disability, is always noteworthy.

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